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Work Evolution - Adaptive and Comfy Workspaces

At Ofix, we are offering adaptive workspaces from daily coworking plan to private office. Our subscription plans have been developed to satisfy all you need for a productive work place.

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Create. Share. Connect. Grow.


I’m a freelance designer who needs a flexible workspace to meet the expectations of all my visitors. I never realized how quickly Ofix would respond to this demand, increase my productivity, create additional synergies & not limit any of my creative flow. I have had all positive experiences!

Alper Uyanik, freelancer

It’s a comfortable place with welcoming environment and all the utilities that are important in a facility like this. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you guys!

David Martin, EuroSmart

Working at Ofix has made my life so much more easy and exciting! I love how you can join the amazing group of people and feel free to work on your career and social skills.

David Yalchin, HFC
We create spaces which

A Hospitality Inspired Co-Working Space.

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